The first collection in NULABEL is inspired by a novel “NEUROMANCER” released in 1984 when our designer was born.This famous cyberpunk novel by William Gibson gave the picture of neo-futuristic society where technology was evolved too much and hence the mood was degenerate like a dystopia. We found technology would give us better life but bring unexpected future at the same time.

People are developing technology to make the future better and people in the future will make the better technology. When the circulation of technology and people collapses, we would see a tragic ending.We live on circulation. We live in a circular system called ecosystem on the earth. All animals and plants are connected with the food chain and they all are also connected with solar energy, air, water and earth. Everything is complementary and indispensable for each other. We created a circulation of design by portraying novel design from design archives when we named our brand PORTVEL. NULABEL will keep the challenge as well and make other circulations in addition.

Nowadays people find recycle is important. People are now starting the circulation of limited materials on the earth in the long history. We also adopt some recycled materials like recycled nylon fabric or recycled polyester made from unused or unwanted clothes.However recycling is just an example of circulation.Silver broach, a symbolic item to this collection, is crafted by Japanese traditional silver craftsman. In Japan we may lose many traditional crafts due to depopulation. To combine traditional craft with cutting edge fashion we can possibly pass the sophisticated technology to the next generation. The circulation with predecessors and successors is necessary to preserve traditional crafts.

Circulation is not born by one thing. It is brought when something is connected with other thing. Our original reflective tweed fabric includes a hidden theme of “Indra’ s net” . There are many jewels at each knot on the Indra’ s net and each jewel is reflected in the other jewels. This metaphor suggests everything can glow only among interconnection with others. When we connect technology with something and create new circulation we must have better future,we believe.